Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fall 2011 Opening Ceremonies

Getting all the teams seated for the West Raleigh Opening Ceremonies...can you find the Riverdogs?!

and the rest of the teams on the right side

The Riverdogs were well represented!

A Riverdog Dad, Jim Bowdish, is the President of the West Raleigh Exchange Club

The Minor League teams (i.e.-Riverdogs) play on Nowell Field. The softball teams and the 5 year olds from the minor league teams (represented by our own Gavin Turner and Cullen Price) were invited to the pitcher's mound to watch Mr. Nowell (almost 80 years old) to throw the first pitch.

To end the event is the fun relay. Benjamin was chosen to represent the Riverdogs!

and we were fortunate to have two spots on relays...John was the other representative.
On the first Saturday of the season, West Raleigh has the Opening Ceremonies. Each team with the organization is represented! This event was at 11am today and then we played our game at 3pm. You can click on each picture to enlarge it, if you want.

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