Saturday, March 19, 2011

Practice, Practice, Scrimmage and Then Practice! ;-)

The Riverdogs were back in action at Ephesus Church Thursday night. Coach Lance and Coach Wayne took time to prep the field and make sure it was ready to go for the players. The team went through drill after drill after drill at practice Thursday night for the full two hours. Coach Lance broke them up into small groups and they all had time in the batting cage, worked on their defense and situational plays in the infield. The new Riverdogs and returners continue to improve daily with their skills thanks to the hard work and dedication of the coaches and parents who are able to assist during the practices. The relay race at the end of practice is definitely a highlight watching the players cheer on their teammates. After the team cheer, some players gathered around home plate and divided themselves up to do a few more relay races. This time siblings were invited onto the field. So fun!

Saturday morning the Riverdogs spent one hour practicing from 9-10am and then scrimmaged the Bats for two hours! I'm not sure if the Riverdogs were aware that they played 3 hours of ball! Coach Lance was able to move the players around each inning, so they could gain experience playing at different positions.

Here are some highlights from the event:
  • Great plays were made at all positions
  • Every Riverdog had a chance to bat 3 times
  • Each player made it safely to base at least once
  • Blake hit 2 out of the park home runs (centerfield direction and right center direction) and a double!!!!
  • Ian hit one down the right field line earning a triple!
  • Joshua and Tony hit doubles!
  • Many, many singles to get the Riverdogs on base!
A big THANK YOU to Coach Craig from the Bats for providing ice cream to both teams! The boys and the siblings were very excited!!!

If I missed anything that should be mentioned, then please add in the comment section for people to read.

Don't forget practice was changed for Sunday, March 20. The team will be at Grand Slam USA in Raleigh at 1:30-3pm.

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