Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Riverdogs' First Week of Practice

Spring Training for the Riverdogs started on Saturday, March 5 at the baseball field behind Ephesus Church! There were a lot of new players added to this season's team, but you would not have known it by watching them interact on the field. They were all ready to hit the ground running and play some ball! Coach Lance has a great support system on the field with a lot of parents willing to help out.

Practice was canceled on Sunday due to rain. Many families gathered at the church to take care of last minute ordering for uniform shirts, pants and the hats and it gave the Riverdogs another opportunity to get to know each other.

Wednesday was the first day the team practiced at West Raleigh. They were able to practice for one hour in the batting cage before taking the field. Unfortunately their field time was cut short by 30 minutes due to the amount of rain that came in.

Thursday's practice turned into an optional practice in Clayton at an indoor batting cage facility because of the weather. Six players were able to attend and have a one hour practice with the coaches.

The Riverdogs hit the field yesterday. Well, batting cages and the outfield area. The infield did not look so good due to the amount of rain that this area received. But, Coach Lance worked hard over the weekend to get that field ready for his team and today they took the field!

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