Monday, October 31, 2011


Sportsmanship Awards

Written by: Beth Rhew
Monday, October 31, 2011
West Raleigh takes pride in promoting sportsmanship above everything else. The biggest trophy awarded each season is for the Sportsman of the League.

Each team selects a player that best exemplifies good sportsmanship to receive the team Sportsmanship Award. Then, the head coaches for each league vote on those selected players and choose the one to be the Sportsman of the League.

Congratulations to all of our Fall 2011 Sportsmanship Award Winners:

Softball League
Sportsman of the League: Jill Magner
Blue Devils - Kylie Mews
Hurricanes - Emori Berglund
Tar Heels - Jill Magner
Wolfpack - Anna Brest

Minor League
Sportsman of the League: Charlie Brosius
Bats - Fletcher Hayden
Bees - Parker Buchanan
Bulls - Charlie Brosius
Lookouts - Sean McSoley
Riverdogs - Ian Turner
Scrappers - Nathaniel Caraballo
Thunder - Patrick Queen

Rookie League
Sportsman of the League: Garrett McCraw
Phillies - Ryan Wolfram
Mets - Reid Richards
Marlins - Elmo Sager
Padres - Josh Holloman
Cubs - Garrett McCraw
Nationals - David Dilday
Braves - Matt Dempsey

Major League
Sportsman of the League: Will Parker
Astros - Andrew McCann
Brewers - Grant Condry
Cardinals - Kevin McSoley
Giants - Johnny Serencsics
Pirates - TJ Tutka
Reds - Will Parker

Junior League
Sportsman of the League: Oliver Primo-Squire
Rays - Josh Smith
Orioles - AJ Rubel
Rangers - Anthony Fraraccio
Athletics - Tucker Penny
Yankees - Oliver Primo-Squire
Red Sox - Connor Gallimore

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